Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I made another one...

Ok I promise I will stop posting about these dresses, but this is my favorite one so far.

Here is a close up of the fabric I used for the skirt.

I am off to Dallas for the rest of the week for Melanie's wedding!
I am really excited to see all my Texas friends and to meet Diane's new darling baby Sloan!
See you next week!
I use too many exclamation marks!
But I am really excited!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Last week I made this dress from the same idea as this dress. I liked the first one better, but it was much easier to make the second time. In my opinion either the top or the bottom should have a stripe or some sort of design on it or it is boring (the bottom of the first one was made from a yellow and white striped knit). Guess I will just have to accessorize! I have some more knit fabrics to make another one... now I am just waiting for Plato's closet to have the perfect top for it!

And today I made this curtain. In how many seams you may ask?
One seam!
It all started when I bought this sheet from DI last year to use as scrap fabric.
Of course I gave it a thorough washing.
It was a straight sheet and the top was already folded over and sewed making a tunnel for the curtain rod to go through.
All I did was cut it to the length I wanted, pressed the bottom under 1/2 inch, and made a little seam.

I hope Phil likes it!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hiking to Lake Blanche

So a few Fridays ago we realized that we both had the next day free and made a last minute decision to hike to Lake Blanche, located in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The hike was pretty grueling in the heat of late July and I was feeling sick when we got to the top, but the views were definitely worth every step. Pictured above are the wildflowers, which were the most beautiful we had seen all summer.

This is Phil. The mountain behind him is called sundial peak. So we thought it would be funny to have Phil check his watch with sundial peak behind him. Tee hee.

How incredible is this view?

We finally ran into someone else up there so we could get a picture of both of us! Thanks random guy!

Lake Blanche and Sundial Peak

Aspen trees will always remind me of summer

Here is a photo from the hike taken with my lomography camera. It was supposed to be two separate square photos, but the film isn't winding correctly and the result was this.

I never want summer to end

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Most saliva inducing recipe of the week

I posted this one on facebook too.
But just in case you feel less stalker-ish reading blogs
this is for you:

who wants to come over when I make it?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Other summer adventures not yet documented

This picture pretty much sums up the cabin. It is so beautiful there.

This picture sums up Phil: manly, cool, suave, and a lumberjack.

Oh how I love the aspens

This picture sums up Winston

Roasting mallows our last evening at the cabin

This picture comes from our hike to Scout Falls which ended up being way cooler than we expected

You can walk under the falls...

and see tropical flowers growing out of the walls!

What a handsome fellow

I made this with my mom and it was most incredible or as Phil would say: "Basically astounding." It had goat cheese in it. And mushrooms.

We made this too. Yes those are figs and those others things are panchetta. It is making me hungry just remembering the way it tasted and how we couldn't stop eating it.

My parents came to Utah to see my sister's performances with her modern dance company. We went to the performance at Liberty Park. It was super cool. That is her with the rolled up rug on her back. She is such a great dancer.

That evening we rode the chairlift at Sundance. So fun and the view from the top was great. You could see Robert Redford's ridiculous amount of property. I hope he leaves it to me when he is gone. We are good friends so he probably will.

Fearl and me

In honor of Neil's graduation with his masters degree from BYU we went out to a most tasty restaurant at Sundance.

Phil's dish is the only one I got a picture of. It was so full of good flavors!

Dinner pic!

The next day we went to the temple with my parents. What a good looking couple! I am so glad they came out for a visit. I wish we lived closer :(

Monday, August 1, 2011

Millers Doughnut Shoppe and the Manti temple

Let me tell you about these doughnuts. They were the best I have ever had. The one picture above was divine. It was glazed less than 5 minutes before I ate it and it was warm and a little crispy on the outside.

We got them in Manti, UT before going to the temple. I am excited to make this our new tradition!

The temple was fantastic as well. This is the temple where my parents were married. I love going to the temple.