Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some fall activities

I uploaded the pictures for this post like 2 weeks ago and never posted them! I just needed to do a catch up post since I have been such a slacker.

I canned a ton of grapes from Mommy Jo's garden. I think we are going to try the grape juice today! The canning took a long time, especially making sure the grapes were clean.

These pictures came from a Sunday picnic in the park with the Pearsons.
We had a lot of fun swinging around with the twins.

Went to see Low with our friends. Great concert and fun night!

My dad was in town for a BYU football game so we went out to Kneaders for breakfast with my brother and sister.

Bridal shower for my dear Leslie Dukey. It was so fun!

BYU vs. Utah State. Best game of the season!!

We most definitely rushed the field.

Picnic in the park. The leaves were beautiful!

Jordan and Christina and the leaves.

Jordan found a fuzzy caterpillar crawling on his leg.

Pumpkins from the garden! These are the kind I can cook with.
And you better believe I will!

Former roommate picture at Leslie's wedding. She looked incredible! And the reception was a blast. Amazing food, amazing decorations, amazing music, and amazing Leslie. I am so happy for her!!!!

Fall picnic on the Nebo loop road.

Checking out our future cabin spot. Haha. I can dream, can't I?
Utah is SO gorgeous in the fall. I know I will miss this season if we end up moving to Texas next year. It is my favorite.

Phil has been getting a lot of dental school interviews and I am so proud of him!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Red Rock Relay!

About a month ago our awesome team of 12 ran 187 miles from Brianhead to Zion National Park. It was exhausting. It was hard. It was SO FUN! Here are some van decorations.

Team name: Fellowship of the Run

The 6 members of our van: Winston, Gena, Brenzo, me, Phil, and Reuben

Phil taking off on his first leg of the race

Reuben warming up

Me at the end of my first leg of the race

Phil re-energizing

Brennan passing the baton to Gena

resting on the red rocks

Phil during his third leg

team stretching

Brennan- post rocking all of his runs. All star.

Here is the whole team! We averaged under 10 minute miles. It was such a great race!

Kissing our medals

Post-race vegging out and watching the BYU football game

After posting these photos I feel so lazy just sitting on the couch. I am going to go jogging!

remember when

Remember when I used to update my blog on a regular basis? I blame three things that have kept me from my blog 1) pinterest 2) school 3) the tv show friday night lights.

These pictures bring back good memories:

pumpkin ice cream


Combine them for an ice cream sandwich of your dreams.