Friday, July 29, 2011

Today I made...

this dress!
I couldn't get a full shot... but you get the idea
It is all stretchy knit and very light and summery and the yellow fabric has cute white lines on it
Here is the tutorial I got the idea from:
It was so easy I bought fabric for two more of them...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

San Fran

After going to Yosemite we drove to San Francisco. Man I love that city. I am always so sad to leave. We had such a blast with the family. Here is a picture of us all after Elise's baby blessing. I am so glad we had an excuse to all get together!

Meet my niece Elise. I miss holding her so much even though she usually cried when I did so.

Me and Elise

the guys playing with the chicken feather kicker in golden gate park

this is the cool victorian house we stayed in. don't worry, it wasn't sideways. only the picture.

me and dear lexa who will be at my house in approximately one hour!

Momma Rischel, Elise and Clara

look at those chins!

enjoying our flavored honey at the farmer's market

Most delicious

I loved my tamales. especially the white squash one.

We got some of these.

Brennan and Elise. She looks different in every picture.

Looking at some historic boats. I love clara's tutu.

They didn't understand the "child size" and this is what she got.

All the cool kids were at the north beach street party.

Grandma and Elise just after Jon gave her a beautiful blessing at church. My mom loves being a grandma so much. You can see it in this picture.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our trip to Yosemite

About a month ago we road-tripped to California. Here is all the stuff we brought.

We stopped in Vegas to visit the Rabes

This was the view from our first campsite right outside of Yosemite.

After entering the park and waiting in line for a couple hours to get our back-country permit and setting up at the backpackers campground we visited a few sites within the valley. This one is Mirror Lake.

This is Yosemite Falls

Our tent could be a model. Isn't it good looking?

The beginning of our back-country adventure aka our hike to Little Yosemite Valley. The next 4 pictures are from the hike to our camp site.

The Merced River was raging

Phil may have had a heavier backpack...
He is so nice.

Behind us is the infamous half dome

Looking down Nevada Falls. There were rainbows everywhere.

After we made it to the site we claimed a spot and set up camp. It was only 4 pm so we thought we would do some more exploring. About 3 minutes in to the exploring I heard a rattle snake and then spotted it right by the trail. It gave us a good scare. Then we saw another one about 10 feet ahead so we decided to explore in the other direction.

In the other direction we found this beautiful meadow. I was still a bit frightened from the rattle snakes so I asked Phil if we could go back to the camp. So we turned around and started singing "the bear in tennis shoes" song to try to keep my spirits high. We stopped singing when we heard a rustling sound in front of us. I freaked out when I spotted a baby brown bear climbing a tree about 30 yards ahead. The mom was staring us down. We busted out of there. I am glad the bear climbed the tree or else we probably would have walked right into them. And I am glad I was with Phil who knew what to do.

That night the rangers were shooting rubber pellets at bears entering the campground.

I hate bears.

Another view of the river on our hike back.

We came back on the mist trail where we hiked right by Nevada Falls. And we got soaked.

That evening (after a shower!!!) we went to Glacier Point to see the sun set. It was a long drive but the view was so worth it. Yosemite is majestic.

I heart half dome

After another night at the backpackers camp and another night of waking up to bears being shot at we hiked up to the top of Yosemite Falls. It was a hard 7 mile hike and the sun was hot. Here is a picture of us at the top.

Crazy trail

beautiful water
breath taking rock formations
streaming light
and the best part:
experiencing it all with my best friend

ok I really want to go back

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pure Joy

This is quite possibly the most adorable picture in existence. Meet my nephew Oliver and his watermelon.

4th of July weekend