Wednesday, August 8, 2012

May in the Northwest

So the good news is we are alive and now living in Texas! Pictured to the left is how we hauled all our belongings here. Yay for roadtrips where you can't go over 55 mph. Phil started dental school on Monday and I am hanging out until my job starts at the end of this month, which will give me plenty of time to update the much neglected blog. Be warned that this is a long post.
Here I am in Seattle feeding seagulls at Ivar. A must for anyone visiting Seattle.
 We went to see the Seattle Symphony. It was amazing. The soloist was amazing. Just one look into these beautiful gypsy locks of hair will have you convinced.
 We visited with my grandparents and Dustin for a day in Moses Lake, WA.
 Then we ventured to Spokane, WA where we enjoyed a day with the Crespos checking out the falls
 and merry-go-rounding. We miss you guys!
 The next day I ran a half marathon and Phil ran a full marathon. It was a beautiful race.
 Another day we went to Portland and checked out the infamous Powell's Books. It was hugnormous.
 And we went hiking to Tunnel Falls. Which was beautiful!
 And we do this all with Loral! It was so good to see her. I sure wish we lived closer. She introduced us to an amazing BBQ joint called

Podnah's which got me really excited for Texas BBQ... which I still have yet to try.
Here we are exhausted/sweaty from the hike and ready to dig in.

 Then in Seattle we went to the top of the space needle. I love the view from up there!
 That evening we went to a Mariner's game. And they won. And these are my parents.
 And these are my friends Kathryn, Tyler, and baby Brynn who met up with us for the game.
 Safeco Field
I love baseball
 Phil in his logger shirt with the logger sign
 Hurricane Ridge. Great views. So much snow.
 Sunset at Hurricane Ridge
 On the ferry as we depart for Victoria, British Columbia.
 Parliament building in Victoria. Gorgeous.
 Back to the USA at Sol Duc hot springs. This is a trail we ran on every morning. It doesn't get much more beautiful than this.
 Me at the Sol Duc lodge where they serve the most delicious food.
 Sol Duc falls
 The wild Washington coast
 This is the trail that takes you to the coast.
 One night we stayed in Forks, WA. Home to Bella's truck.
hiking around the Hoh rainforest 

rock skipping contest

lake quinalt lodge. In love with this place.

That is Mt. Rainier in the background.
hiking around on Rainier

 These last 3 pictures are from a breakfast we had when two of best bestest friends were also in Kennewick. I love these people!

And that was the month of May