Monday, August 15, 2011


Last week I made this dress from the same idea as this dress. I liked the first one better, but it was much easier to make the second time. In my opinion either the top or the bottom should have a stripe or some sort of design on it or it is boring (the bottom of the first one was made from a yellow and white striped knit). Guess I will just have to accessorize! I have some more knit fabrics to make another one... now I am just waiting for Plato's closet to have the perfect top for it!

And today I made this curtain. In how many seams you may ask?
One seam!
It all started when I bought this sheet from DI last year to use as scrap fabric.
Of course I gave it a thorough washing.
It was a straight sheet and the top was already folded over and sewed making a tunnel for the curtain rod to go through.
All I did was cut it to the length I wanted, pressed the bottom under 1/2 inch, and made a little seam.

I hope Phil likes it!


  1. I need to make one of those dresses. Do you just use cotton for the skirt? Or a jersey like fabric? Because I would LOVE to use jersey, but I know it's tricky to work with. We should do a sewing day again. I now know how to work my machine and have been doing plenty sewing myself to get ready for the baby room :)

  2. Aynna,
    yeah you get to use jersey/knit/stretchy fabric. If it was cotton I think you would have to use a zipper. I have been afraid to sew with knits for a long time. I had the idea you had to use a serger, but you don't have to for this project. We should definitely do another sewing day!