Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving week.

This is Winston

And this is Oliver. His face is so cute!

This is Anders doing a little light reading with Grandpa Hurst

Jeanette made some yummy pies!

Preparing the fruit for the salad.

The tryptophan kicking in

Some more light reading

The next Bobby Fischers

Christa and me performing at MacJam 6

The view from our living room couch. Snow!

Weather or not

When it is warm, the building I work in feels like a prison. At my work computer I have a great view of Mount Timpanogos which teases me, luring me to the beautiful mountains. I love my house, but during the summer, it is so much more fun to be outside. Working in the garden and camping are my two favorite summer activities.

But when the weather changes, so do my preferences. I enjoy going to work and seeing the majestic Timpanogos covered in snow. My house becomes a cozy cottage perfect for cuddling with the love of my life.

Right now I can see the snow falling and my neighbor is shoveling the snow off our sidewalk. This is especially nice because we have not yet invested in a snow shovel. I feel so blessed for so many reasons.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

waltzing with the planets

After concerts all I can think about is the music
I revere the composers
I learn from them
Music touches me
The oboe tranforms me and makes my heart vibrate

John Mack said
"Love your work.
Know that it is important.
Commit yourselves to excellence.
Let music sweep you along.
Don't limit your dreams."

Sometimes I feel like the sky is the limit
but tonight we played The Planets
and I learned that there is not a limit
Music can take us anywhere.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Cute Couple

I just love love love pumpkin!

top: really cool pumpkin By Jordan and Christina
middle: demented power ranger monster grown by Briana and carved by Phil
bottom: ghost with glasses by Josh and Jenna

Ghosts. Josh and Jenna won the prize for most original halloween costume. not.

I am a hedge fund manager and Phil is a hedge.

a few of the woodwinds before our performance at the Heber City Cowboy Poetry Reading Festival. We were the back up orchestra for this group. It was epic. My cowgirl name is Judy.

These are my fantastic BYU oboe students. On Saturday we had a perfromance class/ brunch and it was so much fun. I couldn't be prouder!

Monday, November 1, 2010

recipes that I wanna try

I have been excited about this website tonight.

I made a huge batch of the Quick Quinoa & Turkey Taco Stew for lunches this week.

I love recipe websites that include the nutritional information.