Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Indiana and Wisconsin!

A couple weeks ago I took a last minute trip to Indiana. My dad picked me up from the Chicago airport and we drove to Michigan City, Indiana. This is a city I have dreamed about since my childhood. My grandma and grandpa Wright met in this city at a dance on the shore of Lake Michigan. It was WWII and my grandpa was stationed there. They fell in love. My grandpa was then transferred to Corpus Christi, TX. Clara soon followed him and they got married without telling their families. I love that my grandparents eloped. 
The reason I came to Indiana was for the funeral of my grandma's sister. It was a beautiful service and I met so many wonderful family members. My grandma was the only one who permanently moved away from Indiana and the family their is so close-knit. I loved it.

 These are my dad's cousins Linda, Sue (who lives in Dallas!), and Laura. We went to a Polish dinner. 

 Here is Uncle Leonard, Me, and my Dad sporting his Poland shirt.

 The next day my dad drove me around Indiana. We stopped at this beautiful monastery which is now a boy's seminary school. Father Darren gave us a tour and it was really cool. 

 Then we stopped at a peaceful cemetery in Rolling Prairie. My great-grandparents who came from Prussia are buried here. 

 Next stop: Notre Dame. So gorgeous!

 Next stop: Amish country. Buggies and beards everywhere. 

 We stopped by a family company that skins animals to prepare the fur for clothing. Gross. 

Now Wisconsin!
My BFFs live in Madison, WI and they just had a beautiful baby girl named Gretta. They gave us a tour of the city.
 Here is the capitol building.

These are amazing. Fried cheese curds. 

Josh, Me, Gretta, and Jenna. They are such great parents. And Gretta is an angel. It was SO good to see them.