Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas break part 1: Texas

 Phil had 3 amazing long weeks off for Christmas break this year. I guess dental school has its perks sometimes. In the past over the break he would still have a ton of work to do organizing schedules for the BYU computer labs. But not this time! It was such an amazing Christmas. We spent one week in Dallas with Phil's family and 2 weeks in Washington with my family. These pictures are all from our time in Dallas. Above is Reuben, Gena, Phil, and me after an awesome Mavs game. Can't even remember who they played. What's important is that they won!

 Anders and I enjoying a little lunch together at Celebration where we celebrated Jeanette's birthday.

 Picture that ended up as the Hurst family Christmas card

 My little rascal nephews playing in the park

 Family at the arboretum

 more Chihuly glass

 and favorite Chihuly glass. looks like fire.

Anders and me. Being best friends. 

I love this family. So lucky to be a part of it.