Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hiking to Lake Blanche

So a few Fridays ago we realized that we both had the next day free and made a last minute decision to hike to Lake Blanche, located in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The hike was pretty grueling in the heat of late July and I was feeling sick when we got to the top, but the views were definitely worth every step. Pictured above are the wildflowers, which were the most beautiful we had seen all summer.

This is Phil. The mountain behind him is called sundial peak. So we thought it would be funny to have Phil check his watch with sundial peak behind him. Tee hee.

How incredible is this view?

We finally ran into someone else up there so we could get a picture of both of us! Thanks random guy!

Lake Blanche and Sundial Peak

Aspen trees will always remind me of summer

Here is a photo from the hike taken with my lomography camera. It was supposed to be two separate square photos, but the film isn't winding correctly and the result was this.

I never want summer to end

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