Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This is why Montana is called Montana

So we were driving back to Utah from Washington and we decided to make a quick detour through Glacier National Park. I am SO glad we did. It was breathtaking and probably the most beautiful place I have ever been. We camped right by this lake.

In the evening this man entertained us with some fun music.... until the thunder was so loud that we couldn't even hear him.

The next day we drove through the park on the "Going to the Sun" road. This road is closed in the winter because the snow would make it impossible to drive on.

We saw a baby bear! It was adorable!

Although this picture doesn't do it justice, this was a breathtaking view, especially with the light streaming over the mountains.

This area is called Logan's Pass. We walked around for awhile up here and saw some beautiful wildflowers!

Phil and I loved Glacier. We vow to one day go back and spend even more time. I am so grateful that Phil encourages me to go on adventures like this!


  1. I am so jealous. It is a dream of mine to see a bear in the wild and go to Glacier National Park. It looks amazing!

  2. Ah, I LOVE Glacier National Park! My family took a trip through there and Yellowstone and Yosemite when I was about 10, and I loved it! I vividly remember when we drove up that same road, "Going to the Sun." We went in June and that road had just been cleared of snow and was opened to drivers two days before we got there. We didn't see any bears, but we saw tons of mountain goats. Amazing! :) Makes me want to go back sooo bad!

  3. That sounds AWESOME! Your blog makes me want to document life more, Briana...