Thursday, August 26, 2010

a few days of summer

One day Phil and I decided to go to the Uintas. We climbed Bald Mountain which is the highest peak in the mountain range. The whole way up we had magnificent views of the many lakes, mountain peaks, and the incoming thunder storm. It was a pretty hurried climb since it is dangerous to be on a mountain when there is lightning striking.
Here we are at the top!
Directly behind me is the mountain we climbed.

On another day Brittany came over because it was her birthday and we had peach pie and she blew out the candle. It was joyous.

On a different day my beautiful friend Christa got married. She had a lovely reception at Le Jardin.

Josh and Jenna came! And they ate a lot...

I love Dave and Bekah. They make me smile every time.

Less than a week later we were in Salt Lake again for the wedding of John and Janessa.

We got up at 4am the next day to run the Hobble Creek Half Marathon. And we survived! And it was kind of fun except for the last 3 miles which hurt really bad.

The next day I had a picnic with my Vienna girls. I still can't believe it has been 4 years since we were all eating gelato and studying really hard in Europe... oh the memories!


  1. You have a blog and I found it and I love it. And I love you and I miss you. And you look gooooorgeous. Glad you are getting in touch with nature.

  2. Hey why wasn't I invited to this Vienna girls picnic :(