Sunday, August 8, 2010

Farewell Russia!!!!! Nice to meet you!

Souvenir shopping (more like souvenir looking) was really fun! Someday it would be fun to own a fur scarf and hat like the ones in this picture.

So many nesting dolls in Russia!

This is St. Isaacs. We climbed up some stairs in the church and saw...

this great view of the city!

The doors on this cathedral were massive!

Phil tried a crepe stuffed with caviar for lunch. But it was disgusting so we had to throw it away!

Silly pants

We rented bikes for a few hours in the afternoon and rode to a couple monasteries. This one however did not allow bikes :(

Here is Phil riding a bike.

We stopped at this park to finish off the crackers we had been living on all week.

This building is the Smolny Cathedral and Convent. It is gorgeous. I love the color of blue. It is the same color as my kitchenaid, which I also love.

We had some Borscht for our last meal in Russia.

Here is a picture of the Hermitage at night.

It is 2 am and all these people gather by the river to see the bridge go up!

Here it is starting to go! I just cannot take the anticipation!

Halfway up!

And all the way up! It made it!

This was such an amazing trip! Thanks to the MEG grant for allowing me to travel to Russia and thanks Phil for joining and making this an unforgettable experience!

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