Monday, June 21, 2010

These are photos from the most special day of my life. It was exactly two months ago and the time has already seemed to fly by. I love Phil so much and I am so blessed to have married my best friend. These pictures were taken by Lindsey Stewart of Green Apple Photography. She did such a great job of capturing the joy of this day.

The size of our smiles say it all
So many wonderful family and friends came! Thanks for being there!
I love my friends so much!
This is my family:
These are my parents,
These are my sibling and their spouses,
and these are my absolutely gorgeous sisters.
This is Phil's family.
I think this picture is so sweet.
My loverly bridesmaids!
My best friend Ashley
My dear grandparents
Boys love jumping pictures
The Bride
The handsome groom

It looks like it was warm outside, when really it was freezing, but I didn't mind!
My mom made this dress. and it was perfect.

Salt Lake Valley. View from the temple.
This is where we got married: the Draper Temple
My niece Clara
My niece Lexa
Oliver and Anders. My new nephews.
Our first meal as the Hurst family.
Phil saying nice things and making me cry.
YUM YUM cake!
Josh and Phil. BFF for life.
Getting ready for the bouquet!
saying goodbye to my mom
Leaving the luncheon!

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  1. Your wedding was beyond beautiful! Congrats to you both :)