Friday, May 21, 2010


Cabo san Lucas Mexico! What a wonderful sunny destination! It is one of those places I really did not want to leave. We had a fabulous time. These are pictures taken with my lovely lomography camera:

We asked for a wake up call so we could see the sunrise from our deck, but they called 15 minutes late and the sun was already up!
On the way to the beach!
Phil took this picture. He wanted me in it for scale. I am the little reddish-orange dot in the bottom-middle of the photo.
These rock formations are so cool!
The famous Cabo arch. Don't ask the boat driver if he can drive through the arch, even if you are just joking. He might not understand sarcasm and stop the boat and reprimand you for wanting to come so close to their fragile rock formations. Not that this actually happened to us...
Playa San Pedro
We rented a car one day and drove along the west coast of the Baja. We found this lovely flower field. It was such a relief to see this much green in the middle of the desert.
Jalapeno field! Phil was in heaven.
The best place is the one where you have no where else to go.
Phil doing the laundry. What a good husband!
We climbed up this rock formation...
To get this picture of our favorite beach. We saw maybe 2 other people here all day.
This marina was so clean and the boats were all beautiful.
I think this young man's name is Don Julio. I like how you can totally see Phil's shadow.
Phil on our balcony enjoying one of our favorite breakfast meals: crepes with nutella and mangoes. It looks like he has a flower in his ear. He doesn't. I don't know why it looks like that. I guess that is the beauty of non-digital cameras!
Ok now I really want to go back.

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  1. Briana! I didn't realize that you posted more pictures of Cabo. It is beautiful! And it looks like you had so much fun. This looks quite a bit different than the side we were on. I want to go back too.