Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our trip to Austin

We ventured to Austin for a weekend getaway in July
Our last trip before the baby
As you will see we ate a lot of delicious food
It was such a blast

Our first night in Austin we explore South Congress street
Lots of fun shopping!

Then we joined the throngs of people gathered to watch the bats
Billions of bats fly out of this bridge every day at sunset

It was difficult to capture the crazy amounts of bats in a picture
but you can see some of them here

Beautiful Austin sunset captured by Photographer Phil

We got a donut for dessert from this trailer
We highly recommend it!

behold the peach cream cheese donut!

The next day we got breakfast tacos at the Austin Farmers Market

Then we got lunch at La Barbeque
We waited in line for about an hour to get the food
It was 105 degrees and I wasn't feeling so great

But the food was certainly worth the wait!

We spent the afternoon at the Barton Springs Pool
Unfortunately we have no pictures of this event
It was so nice a relaxing
Definitely one of my favorite things we did this summer

We met up with our friends Cam and Crystal for a fun evening of dinner and catching up

This man entertained us during dinner

The next day we ate some more food! 
Here I am with our tamales at another farmers market

Our drive home from Austin was painfully long
It took about 6 hours, when it should have only been 3
This was made bearable by our detour at Czech Stop, a very popular (hence the line in the above picture) bakery in West, TX. 

Here are our Kolaches
Especially the apricot and cream cheese one

That was our fun weekend in Austin!

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  1. You look so great Briana! Pregnancy looks good on you!