Monday, March 4, 2013

Leave me Manhattan, I want the evergreens

One of the words in the title of this blog is "music." But I never blog about it. That is going to change. My days are filled with music and for this I feel so blessed. Today has been filled with practicing and reed making in preparation for this weekend's concert. Making reeds can be very tedious and frustrating so I enjoy listening to music to help time pass and keep the mood light. While making reeds I like listening to a variety of music. Sometimes it is music I will be playing in concerts, sometimes other classical music, sometimes soundtracks (especially Little Women!), and sometimes other music that has nothing to do with the oboe. This is one song I love and that I listened to probably like 5 times today. I am one of those people who obsesses over a good song when I find one and listens to it on repeat. I have been listening to this song a lot ever since it came out. I love Damien Jurado and have so many good memories from seeing him play multiple times in Provo and Salt Lake. This song really makes me pine for home in Washington. I hope that one day we can find ourselves living in that beautiful state. 

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