Thursday, July 21, 2011

San Fran

After going to Yosemite we drove to San Francisco. Man I love that city. I am always so sad to leave. We had such a blast with the family. Here is a picture of us all after Elise's baby blessing. I am so glad we had an excuse to all get together!

Meet my niece Elise. I miss holding her so much even though she usually cried when I did so.

Me and Elise

the guys playing with the chicken feather kicker in golden gate park

this is the cool victorian house we stayed in. don't worry, it wasn't sideways. only the picture.

me and dear lexa who will be at my house in approximately one hour!

Momma Rischel, Elise and Clara

look at those chins!

enjoying our flavored honey at the farmer's market

Most delicious

I loved my tamales. especially the white squash one.

We got some of these.

Brennan and Elise. She looks different in every picture.

Looking at some historic boats. I love clara's tutu.

They didn't understand the "child size" and this is what she got.

All the cool kids were at the north beach street party.

Grandma and Elise just after Jon gave her a beautiful blessing at church. My mom loves being a grandma so much. You can see it in this picture.


  1. Here is my freak out about SF: Ahh, I love all of those victorian houses! They are so beautiful. And I love the farmers market at the ferry building! I hope you sampled the cheese- that is that best part! Also, GG park is the best.

  2. We miss you so much! Leave Utah behind and come and live with us please