Monday, June 6, 2011

BYU Chamber Orchestra Tour part 1

Beijing, China!

The pictures in this post are all from Beijing. We spent seven days there and saw a lot of sights. The above picture shows our beautiful matching lands end sweaters that all the girls in the orchestra had to wear while on tour. It also shows my friend Amanda Moreton, Mandy Moore for short.

Amanda, Allison, me, and Andy at the summer palace. That lake behind us was man made.

This man was working on his calligraphy skills at the summer palace.

Beautiful rose gardens

The stone boat built with money given to China to build a navy. Good purchase.

Me at the happy dumpling restaurant. Some of the only normal food we had.

One of our performance venues.

At the entrance of the forbidden city. There were so many people there!

This is where China was dedicated for missionary work.

Inside the forbidden city with Erica. This was my favorite sight in China. It was ridiculously massive and beautiful.

Forbidden City rooftops

So many cute dogs in China. And I don't even like dogs.

Me and Amanda making Mao faces

One of our crazy rehearsals with the Beijing Dance Academy.

The Temple of Heaven. Blue roofs signify holiness in Chinese culture. Only a few buildings have blue roofs. Including the Taiwan LDS temple :)

We went to a Kung Fu show one night. This little boy did flips on his head. It was insane.

And now the GREAT WALL OF CHINA! It was so fun to get out of the city and see this beautiful sight. It was really steep where we climbed it!

This lady was there too.

China is so beautiful!

Finding our inner Tai Chi on the Great Wall

Chinese food. oh yummy.

This was a cool cathedral. It was very out of place in China, but made me feel like I was in Europe which is always a good feeling.

And now for the bug market!

Me eating a scorpion. I still can't believe I did that.

Loading the bus to leave Beijing. It was a great city!


  1. looks like it was an unforgettable trip! i would love to see the great wall and eat a scorpion someday. :)

  2. I have a few things to say.
    I like your plaid shirt.
    I like the reason that the Taiwan temple has a blue roof.
    I am glad you included the picture of someone else that was at the great wall-o-China.
    And, OMG the bug market.