Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weather or not

When it is warm, the building I work in feels like a prison. At my work computer I have a great view of Mount Timpanogos which teases me, luring me to the beautiful mountains. I love my house, but during the summer, it is so much more fun to be outside. Working in the garden and camping are my two favorite summer activities.

But when the weather changes, so do my preferences. I enjoy going to work and seeing the majestic Timpanogos covered in snow. My house becomes a cozy cottage perfect for cuddling with the love of my life.

Right now I can see the snow falling and my neighbor is shoveling the snow off our sidewalk. This is especially nice because we have not yet invested in a snow shovel. I feel so blessed for so many reasons.

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  1. Hey Briana, I'm a photographer looking for a good location to take a photo of Mount Timpanogos. Can you please tell me the building this was taken in? Thanks in advance!