Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My mom gets here tomorrow!

The BYU Philharmonic has a concert tomorrow and we are playing Jupiter from Holst's The Planets.

I am going to repaint my favorite chair.

I am going to see pretty fall leaves with my best friends. We are going to have a picnic. I am going to make my famous pear upside-down cake!

I am going to practice my oboe every other spare moment. There are so many upcoming concerts/performances/masterclasses. I get a little nervous thinking about all the music I have still to learn. There is only so much I can do in one. I wish my face muscles never got tired and I could practice all day. I also wish I had my very own personal reed maker. Recently I have been playing for at least 6 hours everyday. I love it when I leave campus knowing I have done the best I could do for that day and that I have improved. Satisfaction.

I have to write a 2-voice piece for my counterpoint class. Yikes. Anyone have a good motive that they want to share with me?

Phil will be studying for his mid-terms. Good luck high five!

We bought our plane tickets for Christmas! First to Washington then new years in San Fran! Can't wait!

Someone left peaches on our doorstep today. Thanks!


  1. you inspire me to cut bangs. seriously, that was one of the first things out of my mouth after we left your house. we'll see if i can actually get the courage to do it.

  2. You are one busy girl! Have so much fun with your mom, I am a little jealous of that one!

  3. Whitney, bangs would look so cute on you! You should do it!

    Heather, have fun with your sister! good luck with the chicken. Is that what it is?