Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A lesson from the mountains

Ok, time out from Russia. I still have 4 more days to share, but first, this quote from the naturalist and preservationist John Muir:

"Few places in this world are more dangerous than home. Fear not, therefore, to try the mountain passes. They will kill care, save you from deadly apathy, set you free, and call forth every faculty into vigorous, enthusiastic action. Even the sick should try these so-called dangerous passes, because for every unfortunate they kill, they cure a thousand."

Phil has helped me to more fully enjoy the mountains of this beautiful country. We bought a year long National Parks pass and he uses it as an excuse to make detours to parks on almost every trip we go on. Although I do make fun of him and occasionally complain that the detours are too long, it is all in good fun because the truth is the mountains are helping me to be more alive. I am a safe person that doesn't like being frightened (the scariest movies I can handle are Hitchcock thrillers). No one has ever called me a dare devil and getting hurt from going on a rope swing is one of my biggest fears.

Phil has taught me how to be a little more worry-free. He has introduced me to the mountains and the John Muir quote explains so perfectly what is happening to me.

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